Kink'd Up ATL.


Kink’d Up ATL is our annual Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Kink Weekend in ATL, for singles & couples of all genders, to educate and explore their kinky sides in a safe & sacred space!

​This event is curated and created by Gigi Robinson of, as a yearly event where members of her online sacred sexuality community could come learn, watch and experience different types of sacred sex healing techniques.

November 2018, was the launch of our 2 day event, hosting one night as education and our second night as a dungeon night experience.  2019, we decided to extend our weekend into a 4-Day Event, because of the magnitude and need for education, experience and after-care. Our first night will be expo style, for education and watching. The Kink-off expo caters to those with a voyeur mind and spirit. Our second night, Sacred Kink Dungeon party is for those who want to experience different types of kink, BDSM, or fetish in your choice of private or public session. The dungeon party caters to those with an exhibitionist mind and spirit.  Our third & fourth nights will cater to our exclusive VIPs, who want to experience a full day of sacred energy exchange in our "Sacred Sexuality Healing Den" and a full day of conversations and after-care during our  "Mimosa's, Massages & Mmmmmms" WRAP Party.

Sacred Sexuality is God


Q: What is Sacred Sexuality?
A: Sacred sexuality turns the act of lovemaking from a mere physical activity perspective into using the sexual energy to draw a desired set of goals, healing and spiritual experiences.


Q: What is Sacred Kink?

A: Sacred kink is any kink or fetish that is explored or experienced inside a safe space created for the purpose of healing and transmuting traumas experience from childhood and throughout life in positive releases and clearing.


Q: Will there be people engaging in sexual penetration and activities?

A: Thursday Night is education only, and no sexual activities will take place. Friday & Saturday event there is a possibility you will be in the spaces with those engaging in sexual activities in the public. You are under no obligation at no time to participate in sexual activities. Consent is sexy and is our number #1 rule at Kink'd Up ATL.

Q: Do I have to participate in sexual activities?

A: No, this event is for those exploring different kinks, fetishes, including voyeurism! You can simply be a fly on the wall and take in all the activities without participating. We don't force and we don't judge. Everything is consent first!

Q: When can I book my session?

A: You can book your session as soon as all the details are emailed out to those that have registered for Friday Night Dungeon Party. Only those that have registered for Friday, (VIP ticket includes all days) will receive information to book your sessions. If you only purchase a Thursday Night Kink off Expo Ticket, you will not receive information on booking sessions. Your last chance to book sessions and purchase your Friday Night Ticket, will be at the Thursday Kink-off Expo event before the end of the event.


Q: Can I book sessions at the dungeon?

A: Due to issues with laws and rules, we are not allowed to exchange money for services of NO kind during this event due to law-suit liabilities. If you did not purchase a Friday pass, you will have until Thursday Night to get your ticket and to book your sessions.


Q: I have a professional job, what about my privacy in attending this event? 
A: We respect your privacy and your space in attending this event. Thursday night & Sunday, we will have color coded beads for those that do not want to be in videos or pictures. Friday & Saturday is a ZERO PHONE ZONE! NO phones are allowed in the Dungeon space or at the private house location. Everyone attending is in agreement with searching of all bags that enters the sacred space.

Q: I have latex allergies, is this event safe for me?

A: Yes! Kink'd Up ATL is 100% Latex environment free

Q: Is Kink'd Up ATL Committed to Co-Vid 19 Safety?
A:  Kink'd Up ATL is committed to COVID-19-related safety and cleaning guidelines in all event locations and spaces we will gather as a group. We are adhering to social distancing guidelines by limiting the amount of attendees, practicing good hygiene by providing hand sanitizing stations, checking temperatures  of all guests and participants and requiring that all participants wear a mask for all days of the event. Our COVID requirement of our guests is a negative COVID test result taken with 24- 48 hours of the event, plus we will check temperatures upon entry, each night of our event. Mask are required (we will provide them on entry) However, Co-Vid 19 vaccines are NOT required to attend Kink'd Up ATL 2021.


Our Host Hotel 
Atlanta Marriott Marquis