Sacred Sex Healing Den.

Sunday October 31, 2021

Sunday "After-Care Brunch"

Healing drinks, massages, high vibrational foods, along with sacred space to share your conversation about your weekend.

Private Location Atlanta, GA 

General Admission: $50 

-includes 1 drink & light foods-
Greens, Golds, or Whites

About Saturday, Sacred Sex "Healing Den"​ & Sleep Over

Q: What is Sacred Sexuality?
A: Sacred sexuality uses the art of sexual energy in safe and sacred space, in ceremony or with intentions, to draw a desired set of goals, healing and spiritual experiences.

The purpose of our Sacred Sex Healing Den is to engage and discover more of the art of intimacy and sacred touch. After have a night in the dungeon, this night is perfect to not only ground the sacred kink energy, but it also allows those seeking more after care a space of sacred intimacy. This is for all the kinky flower kids that are very highly sexual, but also sensitive. Experience touch, cuddling, and all things spiritually sexual including the art of sex. 

Sacred Sexuality Healing Den is to not only mix & mingle and play games, but to also experience connective bonding within groups, and one-on-ones. The Healing Den features Sacred Sex Conversations, Touch & Hug Demos & classes geared around sacred sex.

You are requested to wear Royal Blues & Purple sleepwear or comfy pajamas

Day #3 Sacred Sexuality Healing Den from 6pm-12 midnight 




Kink’d Up ATL is our annual Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Kink Weekend in ATL, for singles & couples of all genders, to educate and explore their kinky sides in a safe & sacred space!

Sacred Sexuality is God


Q: Can I pay to attend the Sleepover after I arrive for Sacred Sex Healing Den?

A: No, if you did not purchase the combo ticket, you will not be allowed to stay after 12 midnight. You must purchase the combo ticket or both tickets by Friday, Oct 29 11:59pm est. in order for you to participate in our Sacred Sex Healing Den Sleepover.


Q: What time does the Healing Den end and When does the Sleepover start?

A: The first segment of our Day #3 Saturday Night  Sacred Sex Healing Den ends promptly at Midnight. The second segment of our Saturday Night, the Sleepover starts at Midnight and ends at 5am.

Q: Will we have our own beds at the Sleepover?

A: No the Sleepover is a Pajama Party overnight social event and not meant for actual sleeping or lodging. IF you  find yourself getting sleepy, you are welcomed to take a nap or leave and come back  for brunch at 11am.

Q: Will there be people engaging in sexual penetration and activities?

A: There is a possibility you will be in the spaces with those engaging in sexual activities in the public. You are under no obligation at no time to participate in sexual activities. Consent is sexy and is our number #1 rule at Kink'd Up ATL.

Q: Do I have to participate in sexual activities?

A: No, this event is for those of all kinks, fetishes, including voyeurism! You can simply be a fly on the wall and take in all the activities without participating. We don't force and we don't judge. Everything is consent first!

Q: I have a professional job, what about my privacy in attending this event? 
A: We respect your privacy and your space in attending this event. Saturday is a ZERO PHONE ZONE! NO phones are allowed at the private Kink'd Up House location. Everyone attending is in agreement with searching of all bags that enters the sacred space.


Q: Is food and drinks included and will there be Vegan options?

A: Our Saturday Night tickets comes with food and drink bar. Our food bar is street style tacos and we have both meat & vegan options. Our self-serve bar will include wine, tequilas, rums, vodkas, & beers. You are also welcomed to BYOB to ensure your comfort and experience.

Q: I have latex allergies, is this event safe for me?

A: Yes! Kink'd Up ATL is 100% Latex environment free


Sacred Sex 

Healing Den TEAM


Click on a picture to learn more about our Sacred Sex Healing Den Team:

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