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 Covid-19 Requirements for Kink'd Up ATL.


Kink'd Up ATL is committed to upholding the CDC requirements for COVID-19 and maintaining strict cleaning and masks guidelines at all event locations and spaces. We are adhering to social distancing guidelines by limiting the amount of tickets/attendees.  Our COVID REQUIREMENTS of our guests is a negative COVID-19 test result taken with 24-48 hours of the event, plus a normal body temperature upon entry (EACH night of our event REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE THE VACCINE). Mask are required on all days of the event (we will provide them on entry if you don't have one). COVID-19 vaccines are NOT required to attend Kink'd Up ATL 2021.



Q: What is cleaning guidelines to keep down the spread of infections?
A: Kink'd Up ATL is committed to upholding COVID-19 mandates and maintaining the cleaning guidelines at all event locations and spaces. All event spaces & locations will be throughly cleaned before and during all event days. We are  providing hand sanitizing stations upon entry, as well as at every vending table & at ALL open bars/heavy contact areas. 

Q: What are the social distancing/masks requirements?

A: We are adhering to the CDC's social distancing guideline, by limiting the amount of attendees per day, and decreasing the tickets available per event. It is REQUIRED that all guests, participants and staff wear a mask for all days of the event.  (ATTN: During the Dungeon, please keep your mask ON when NOT engaged in play)


Q: Do I have to take the COVID-19 vaccine to attend Kink'd Up ATL?

A: COVID-19 vaccines are NOT required to attend ANY days of Kink'd UP ATL. If you have taken the vaccine, a negative test within 24-48 hours of the event is still required and temperatures will be checked upon entry to ensure a normal body temperature.

Q: Will there be rapid COVID test available upon check-in to KINKD UP ATL?

A: We will NOT provide COVID test for our guest. However, it is a requirement of our guests provide to us upon entry, a NEGATIVE COVID -19 test result taken with 24- 48 hours of the event, REGARDLESS if you've taken the COVID-19 Vaccine or not.  We will also check temperatures upon entry, each night of our event.


Q: What will happen if my temperature is NOT normal?

A: CDC considers a person to have a fever when he or she has a measured temperature of 100.4° F (38° C) or greater. If your temperature is 100 degrees or higher, you WILL NOT be allowed to attend KINK'D UP ATL 2021.  Because we know that this may happen, we will forward your reservation to next years' conference but there will be NO refunds due to high temperatures or failed COVID test.


Q: What if I forget my Mask at home?

A: Mask are required on ALL DAYS of the event. If you forget your mask at home, mask will be provided by US because they are REQUIRED for participation at ALL times at ALL venues.



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