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Thursday, Kink off.

About Thursday Night Kink-Off

Kink’d Up ATL is our annual Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Kink Weekend in ATL, for singles & couples of all genders, to educate and explore their kinky sides in a safe & sacred space!

Our Annual Kink-Off Expo Party theme this year is "Kinky Cos Play"! Put on your cutest, sexiest, cosplay or whatever makes you feel all warm and sexy in the inside, and come celebrate with us! 

Thursday, Kink-Off is for those wanting to educate and learn about all things Kink! Kink-Off Show displays different types of kink fetish within performances, that you can select to receive at Sacred Kink ATL Friday Night Dungeon Party. 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Kink-Off "Roleplaying with Us"

Kinky Demos & Erotic Performances & Education on BDSM, Kink & Sacred Sex

10-1 am

Private Location Atlanta, GA 

General Admission: $50 

-includes 1 drink & light foods-
Attire: Be WHOEVER you want to be, Just make it SEXY!

Our Kink-Off will feature interviews & mini demo performances from the following Dungeon & Erotic Arts team:
~JetSetting Jasmine & King Noire (Dungeon Masters)
~Coach Felyne
~King Heff & The Heffs Lifestyle
~Vertical Joes
~Luna Mun
~Meaux the Muse
~The Yoni Whisperer


....PLUS MORE!!!  

What is RolePlaying?:
During role playing, partners will take on imagined roles in a scene with erotic undertones. Content of the scene can vary greatly depending on the interests of those involved (there is no limit to the number of individuals in the scene). Some common themes of sexual role play include doctor/nurse, student/teacher, or escort/client. 

Click the link below to purchase your passes to Kink'd Up ATL Weekend 2021! 


Erotic Artist TEAM


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Are you have an erotic performer or erotic artist that would like to showcase your talent or skills with our Kink'd up ATL Audience? 
Submit your request to be apart of our Thursday Night Kink Off Expo! Leave us an email, with your name, social media page(s), erotic art or skill that you would like to showcase, video clip of you displaying your art and your phone number!
We look forward to having you apart of our Kink'd Up ATL 2021 Team!