Sacred Kink Dungeon Party

The word Dungeon comes from the  French word donjon (also spelled dongeon), which means "keep", the main tower of a castle. The first recorded instance of the word in English was near the beginning of the 14th century when it held the same meaning as donjon. The proper original meaning of "keep" is still in use for academics, although in popular culture it has been largely misused and come to mean a cell or "oubliette". Though it is uncertain, both dungeon and donjon are thought to derive from the Middle
 word dominio, meaning "lord" or "master. ~

Consent is Sexy.... is our #1 Rule! 

Listed below are links to education & all the answers to your questions about the Kink/BDSM community!!

Please read each one if you purchased tickets to our Friday Night "Sacred Kink" Dungeon Party and click the link at the bottom of this page to sign your consent and disclosure forms.


Education on KINK & BDSM:



In order to heal, you must first trust. In order to trust, you must feel and believe that you are in sacred space. Come ready to experience Sacred Kink and to be free in sanctuary!

Our guidelines and safe phrases for Saturday night:

1) Do you trust me? If you are in positions of control or power, ask your play mate(s) if they trust you. This will allow a deeper connection and/or a disconnection if the energy is not in sync. If there is no feelings of trust, do not consent to play.

2) Are you in sacred space? Whether you are in positions of control or in positions of submission, ask your play mate(s) are they in sacred space. This will activate the power of safety and the power of choice. If your playmates or you feel there is NOT sacred space, do not consent to play.

To respect and protect the privacy of our attendants, ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES ARE ALLOWED!! ALL BAGS AND BODIES WILL BE CHECKED, If you are caught bringing your phone, we will take it and check it in for you until after the event, or you have the option to take it to your car.

You are REQUIRED to wear all black, or red and wear a mask to enter the space. This is also to keep the privacy of our attendants. You are welcome to take off your mask once you enter the dungeon floor.

-Yes you can bring your kink and fetish toys.
-Yes there will be clothing optional areas.
-You MUST wear a mask (masquerade, festival or mardi gras type mask) in order to enter the venue. You will be allowed to take it off once you enter if you desire.

-Wardrobe required: LINGERIE, All Red, or All Black attire, & MASKS


-If you ever get NO, in ANY situation, as the answer to my safe phrases
from anyone before, or during play, remove yourself from the scene. No
questions asked.


-Venue: Private Location, Low Light Dungeon

-Non-Disclosures, privacy statements and consent forms MUST be signed
by everyone in order to participate. There is zero way around this. 


(Only for those that purchase tickets for Friday Night Sacred Kink Dungeon Party)

Sacred Dungeon Rules.



Sacred Dungeon TEAM


Click on a picture to learn more about our Sacred Sex Dungeon Team:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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